Haunting demons.

We always knew demons from books, stories, movies, portraying a presence  hard to accept. Someone or something that haunts your dreams, kills a good guy, acts as an obstacle between happiness. But, beneath the smile we flaunt, we hide a rather uglier version of a demon beneath us.

“I love you” some ordinary syllables acting like bullets that hit you when you least called for it. They bring you to life, compell you to love the feeling it beholds and eventually decays you. Pulling you towards a deep hole you later find yourself helplessly trapped into. Crawling, feeding onto your flesh, flowing inside your veins, breathing your only air.

And when you tremble in pain with your heavy heart, screaming out all your strength in acceptance to your weekness,  it looks back at you saying,

You wanted me, well, here i am.”


3 thoughts on “Haunting demons.

  1. Well said…………
    One thing i couldn’t help as it kept playing at the back of my mind was a bollywood song “offo” from 2 states specifically those lyrics which go like “ishq bhoot sahi,,per yeh bhoot barra hi pyara hy” 😜😜 as i reached towards the end of your writing….

  2. I think I said this before as well and dont get me wrong, I’m all for pessimism, literally I bleed pessimism. :p But you my friend seem to have a knack for finding the tragedy in everything. I mean fine, this is world is not always sunshine and rainbows but then again its not always dark and treacherous. And yes life will be always be a little stark just like facts and will always give you a Hobson’s choice but it’s really on you how you tackle that and turn it the other way round. Instead of having a cantankrous attitude a little perseverance goes a long way.

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