Love’s Coffin.

There it was, the sound of the first thunder. Standing with my face towards the sky, feeling the wind kiss my soul. I was almost driven into a trance of disbelief when the first drop of rain splashed onto my cheek.

The goosebumps were unreal. It was everything but a rain drop, it was a gunshot tearing my soul, driving me into his flashbacks.

His deep brown eyes that i remember sparkled upon me as he combed his fingers into his soft looking hair. His smile that brightened my world inside out, and his arms, the warmth in itself. The feeling of security within them, the princess that took birth within me with every i love you.

There i stood, paralysed, with his gestures streaming before my eyes like a movie i had lived in previously.

” Where are you.!!”  Yelled the rain drop crawling down my face.


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