Farewell Humanity.

Darkness seems to have prevailed a long time back, As the people are witnessed to have become prone to it.
The abandoned dark streets echoed by howls of despair and cries of hatred.

The mansions built huge, architecturally better than the other, covered in shadows of hasteful entities constantly feeding of humanity.

An auro of destress surrounded by an awful smell of hunger and greed, breathing under the heat from the fire of lust. The streets flowing with innocent human blood and sweat. The “creatures” residing craved only for more. More of what they had been bestowed with to feed their souls. The souls that gave out an odour of rotten flesh.

It was only clear that God had left these streets a long time ago.


3 thoughts on “Farewell Humanity.

  1. The day will come when our bodies will be tucked in a white coffin and will be in a hospital busily occupied by people.
    If that day comes never cry, just give my body parts to those who need it and I will be free and the darkness may not rise again.

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