Dwell’s in coffee

We all make mistakes right? I mean, it’s only what a sane person would do. Make mistakes and forget. But what happens when we surrender? When the mistake, provokes you to surrender.! I surrendered, to a mistake i call love.

A mistake unlike any other i had made before. It was like sipping on coffee. Black and intense. Burning my tongue as i took the first sip and jerked it away. It was Dark with subtle sweetness tempting me to take another.

It hogged onto my taste buds dissolving within every inch on my tongue, turning from bitter to sweet to irresistible.  And i let it, i let it explore every inch of my gut as it crawled down my throat. Warming me up as it travelled. Compelling me to carry on, to want more. Helplessly surrender to the last sip where it all merged.

Where it was all bad and all good at the same time. It was all wrong and right at the same time. It was all hate and all love at the same time.


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