Ties of Regret.

“Is this?” Wait is it really her?
While walking past a book store, i caught sight of a ravishing lady looking through the books placed tidily on the shelf. With sheer excitement i walked into the store and stood next to her.

“Nour? Oh my God, it is you!!”
She turned to my voice and a huge smile came across her face. A smile i was very fimiliar with.
“Rehab..oh wow.” She said. Her voice so calm as always.
“Been so long.!!” My voice higher than my normal pitch but i cared-less.
“3 years” she added. Her smile was so enticing, it caught all my attention.

I knew i needed more time with her. I just had to get the guilt i had been carrying for 3 years off my shoulder. I insisted her for a cup of coffee and she agreed.
Pulling out the chair for her, something i had never done before and sitting right across her, a very satisfactory feeling took me over. The thought of being able to get a chance back with her and making things right.

She looked like a maiden from all my dreams. Calm, polite and divine. The most beautiful person i had ever seen.

We started talking. Telling eachother about how life was treating us, what had been happening lately. She was talking and i was staring. Staring at her deep brown eyes, her delicate nose and her brown locks, dancing around as the wind blew them. Everything felt in favour. Time, His will and nature. I felt like I’ve been given another chance to rectify my mistake. To make her mine again.

3 years back i ruined the life of a goddess sitting before me. Letting her love go astray, making her cry almost everyother day, not paying attention to what my life had gifted me with, taking all her gestures for granted. I broke her heart in all the harsh ways i ever could. But within these years, i had been regretting enough to realise how much i wanted her back. How much i wanted to apologize.

She was glowing in happiness. Talking, giggling, smiling. She seemed so satisfied and my gut feeling said she felt the same way i did. That she too wanted me back and was thankful to this time. We had been sitting in the open with eachother for over two hours now.
Everything was perfect, she was perfect. For some reason, i felt i had her again.

It was about to rain, as the wind got heavier than usual. She always loved rain. I was waiting for her to say something about it when the wind swirled her hair onto her face,
“Oh God,” she said while using her left hand to move them aside and i saw it sparkle,
I saw the big,expensive ring on her finger sparkle.


3 thoughts on “Ties of Regret.

  1. What is the redemption to guilt associated with a dear 1 has always haunted me …. a trauma that haunts almost every other person

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