Injecting Unconsciousness.

Sitting on the kitchen floor, tightening my belt around my arm, i attempted to recall the last time i had been conscious. It felt like trying to focus a blur,vivid image of my life. Nothing seemed to matter anymore. The urge of living had died somewhere within me.

Holding the needle gently inside the vein on the inner side of my elbow, i took in a deep breath and pulled back the plunger. Watching the blood draw inside the syringe, my lips curved into a satisfactory smile. Knowing i was only a move away from being close to her, i slowly emptied the syringe inside my vein.

I had lost control over my eyelids which began to droop. An aroma of her scent started to prevail and a heavenly aura had started to take over my consciousness. Feeling my tears flow rapidly down my cheek, i began to get a blur vision of her. A tall, sumptuous figure walking towards me with her arms wide open. I ran into them and screamed my heart out. She held me close and swiftly moved her thin,fair fingers inside my hair. I always told her i wouldn’t be able to live without her and she’d always just smile.

Instead of feeling descentisized and scattered, i felt stronger in her arms. She sat on the chair and i rested my head on her lap. This sensation had made me overcome the need to live. It was ironic how whilst being unconscious, i began to feel drowsy and sleepy. She radiated a warmth that gave life to my soul. My face had now soaked in my own helpless tears, She kissed my forehead and whispered;
“Good night son.”


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