The last vision.

“Peace?”  She repeated the question in a rather sarcastic tone while puffing on her fifth cigarette in a row.
“This,” she answered as her voice was now calm and relaxed after exhaling out the smoke.

Teasing her brown shiny locks and biting onto her lip, she closed her eyes on the head rest while tapping her foot to the beat of music, slowly drifting away into the vision she had been getting over and over again for a couple of months. A blur sight of an unrecognizable woman bound between chains with bleeding wounds showered under steaming liquid as she screams with pain on top of her lungs. She tried to see the face on that naked body but the vision would always darken and she would just hear the echoes of her helpless cry.

Her self obsession had long before buried herself into the ashes of her fading persistence and surrendered herself to alcohol. She felt two fingers sliding on her bare thighs which pierced her out of her trance.
“Let me guess, the same dead ended, ridiculous vision,” he said, taking the cigarette out from between her fingers and puffing onto it.

She sipped onto her third shot while rolling her eyes at him.
“Easy there, you just had an abortion,”
He commented while helplessly watching her surrender to her addiction.

She lit another cigarette and picked up her bag. Flaunting her curves in black short dress, she tiptoed on to her louboutins through the club. Every trembling footstep enfolded between her pride. She managed to get in her car, turned up the stereo loud and began to drive.

It wasnt long before she began to see the same vision before her eyes. A bare woman screaming with pain the burning wounds brought to her. The ear piercing sound of her cry mishandled the stering as she lost control of her speed. Yet, unaware of her present she was drowning deep and deep into the vision drawing closer, trying to recognise her.

Her image began to get vivid as she had started to recognize the voice. Goosebumps spread through her body. Unconsciously driving, she bumped her car into a sign board which slit her throat. That moment she saw her face, her face on the bare, burning body.


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