Rhapsody of romance.

Roads don’t always lead to dead ends.”

The last line i read off my favourite novel. Fairytales are just fictions engraved into our minds from the age we sleep to the mesmerising voices of our mothers reading us a bedtime story. A beautiful girl meets a prince charming who rescues her out of her misery is ludacris. False fantasies portraying the bitter world to be an eclair of romance enfolded in sincerity.

I never believed in fairytales until my life started molding into one.

Lying on the floor in a dark room, my soul had left my body once again. Wandered off to places where it could smile. My body has always had a different yet a deep connection with my soul. The soul would often leave to wander off to places it called home. And the body would shed tears in return to her smiles. It was one of those nights again, the night when my soul smiled in ecstasy and the eyes shut in despair, the night the cheeks felt every silent tear the eyes shed, the night i wanted to be saved again.

My trance was interrupted when my phone beeped. It was unusual for my phone to ring and the sound came as a surprise to me. There weren’t many people left who wanted to know how i was doing. And the ones left were probably too busy to ask.

Hey. How are you?

The message my eyes hadn’t read since quite a while. I sat up to read it and replied instantly. Who was he? Why did he message me? And more importantly, why did i reply? I did not bother to know. Maybe i wanted an escape from the silence, maybe i wanted to be heard or maybe i just wanted my numb soul to finally get a feeling.

And it felt it. Days of loitering around, questioning my own existence, my soul finally felt alive again.

The conversation began with the stranger I knew nothing about but his username. Before i knew it, i was talking to someone i had never seen. Being rebellious that night felt right for the first time. Glancing upon my phone to see if he had replied or not, continuing small talks as an excuse for the conversation to just go on and not stop. It was 4am, and i found myself in an unusual state. There is an immediate bond of love formed between the child and whom it first opens its eyes to see. I felt that exceptional love bond form between me and a stranger whose message i opened my eyes to. In that july’s midnight i was born again.

Days of being overshadowed and helplessly feeling my demons feed upon me, i felt an array of hope. I could finally take a deep breath and feel the cage of suffocation break. Our conversations continued when he asked me for my number. Promptly, i gave it without having a second thought. How could i not? He was the light i saw coming my way through the midst of a thick haze. That day i entitled him to be mine. No matter what his relationship status was. He was mine. He had to be. How could he not be my prince charming,? after all, he did rescued me from my demons. I was in love. In love with a man i knew not.

Time passed and we became the best of friends. Endless long phone calls of speaking our hearts out, craving for eachothers time and complementing eachother became a ritual we kept crawling after. Talking to him everyday bloomed my soul. I felt it grow from a bud to a complete flower along with my love for him. He conquered my thoughts and my love got relentless. I knew i was caught in my own bubble where my feelings were probably one sided, but i had lost control over my emotions. I was ready to be his damsel silently hoping for him to be mine one day and surrendered to keep my feelings to myself if i had to keep him. And i was in no position to loose him.

2 months passed, and that day came. The day i could no longer watch and hear him talk to other girls, the day i refused to suffocate under the title of his friend. The fear of him coming to me one day telling me he is in love with someone else took over and i broke down. I was helplessly in love with him. His eyes that stared right through my soul, the lips that curved into a subtle smile, the voice that got me addicted to it. Everything about him began to haunt me.

He would wake up and talk to me, comfort me throughout the day, make me feel special, make me laugh and acknowledged my existence. He’d send me his pictures throughout the day and i would keep them safe in a vault, he would tell me im beautiful as if he knew that was what i desperately needed to hear. The sense of security i had with him was unlike anyother protection.

He pulled me out of my destress, he saved my soul from being lost forever, he had to be the one who stays in the picture with me. Not the one i silently have to love from a distance. So i said it. My stomach crumpled as i wrote out every feeling to him unaware of what his reaction might be. The feeling of being lost came back and hit hard this time. I felt alone and had lost all my guts. With shattered emotions, i snug my face into my wet pillow once again and just prayed to not wake up tomorrow if i had to read anything im not strong enough to read. A denial was all i needed to give up.

The same sun rose up the next day. Pretending to act normal, the day passed like anyother. Same laughter, same smiles hiding the same emotions that kept feeding of me from the first day.

That night, stalking his pictures in my gallery i got a message from him and i read something unusual:

“I love you. Will you be mine?”

These words shoke my world. Is it real? Am i actually getting what i have been asking for? Am i really this lucky? Tears began to flow down my cheeks and i felt more alive than ever before. The cages had broken and the ice had melted. My prayers had been answered.

Fairytales do exist. It did for me. And through all this my mind kept recalling:

“Roads don’t always lead to a dead end.”



The last vision.

“Peace?”  She repeated the question in a rather sarcastic tone while puffing on her fifth cigarette in a row.
“This,” she answered as her voice was now calm and relaxed after exhaling out the smoke.

Teasing her brown shiny locks and biting onto her lip, she closed her eyes on the head rest while tapping her foot to the beat of music, slowly drifting away into the vision she had been getting over and over again for a couple of months. A blur sight of an unrecognizable woman bound between chains with bleeding wounds showered under steaming liquid as she screams with pain on top of her lungs. She tried to see the face on that naked body but the vision would always darken and she would just hear the echoes of her helpless cry.

Her self obsession had long before buried herself into the ashes of her fading persistence and surrendered herself to alcohol. She felt two fingers sliding on her bare thighs which pierced her out of her trance.
“Let me guess, the same dead ended, ridiculous vision,” he said, taking the cigarette out from between her fingers and puffing onto it.

She sipped onto her third shot while rolling her eyes at him.
“Easy there, you just had an abortion,”
He commented while helplessly watching her surrender to her addiction.

She lit another cigarette and picked up her bag. Flaunting her curves in black short dress, she tiptoed on to her louboutins through the club. Every trembling footstep enfolded between her pride. She managed to get in her car, turned up the stereo loud and began to drive.

It wasnt long before she began to see the same vision before her eyes. A bare woman screaming with pain the burning wounds brought to her. The ear piercing sound of her cry mishandled the stering as she lost control of her speed. Yet, unaware of her present she was drowning deep and deep into the vision drawing closer, trying to recognise her.

Her image began to get vivid as she had started to recognize the voice. Goosebumps spread through her body. Unconsciously driving, she bumped her car into a sign board which slit her throat. That moment she saw her face, her face on the bare, burning body.

Injecting Unconsciousness.

Sitting on the kitchen floor, tightening my belt around my arm, i attempted to recall the last time i had been conscious. It felt like trying to focus a blur,vivid image of my life. Nothing seemed to matter anymore. The urge of living had died somewhere within me.

Holding the needle gently inside the vein on the inner side of my elbow, i took in a deep breath and pulled back the plunger. Watching the blood draw inside the syringe, my lips curved into a satisfactory smile. Knowing i was only a move away from being close to her, i slowly emptied the syringe inside my vein.

I had lost control over my eyelids which began to droop. An aroma of her scent started to prevail and a heavenly aura had started to take over my consciousness. Feeling my tears flow rapidly down my cheek, i began to get a blur vision of her. A tall, sumptuous figure walking towards me with her arms wide open. I ran into them and screamed my heart out. She held me close and swiftly moved her thin,fair fingers inside my hair. I always told her i wouldn’t be able to live without her and she’d always just smile.

Instead of feeling descentisized and scattered, i felt stronger in her arms. She sat on the chair and i rested my head on her lap. This sensation had made me overcome the need to live. It was ironic how whilst being unconscious, i began to feel drowsy and sleepy. She radiated a warmth that gave life to my soul. My face had now soaked in my own helpless tears, She kissed my forehead and whispered;
“Good night son.”

Ties of Regret.

“Is this?” Wait is it really her?
While walking past a book store, i caught sight of a ravishing lady looking through the books placed tidily on the shelf. With sheer excitement i walked into the store and stood next to her.

“Nour? Oh my God, it is you!!”
She turned to my voice and a huge smile came across her face. A smile i was very fimiliar with.
“Rehab..oh wow.” She said. Her voice so calm as always.
“Been so long.!!” My voice higher than my normal pitch but i cared-less.
“3 years” she added. Her smile was so enticing, it caught all my attention.

I knew i needed more time with her. I just had to get the guilt i had been carrying for 3 years off my shoulder. I insisted her for a cup of coffee and she agreed.
Pulling out the chair for her, something i had never done before and sitting right across her, a very satisfactory feeling took me over. The thought of being able to get a chance back with her and making things right.

She looked like a maiden from all my dreams. Calm, polite and divine. The most beautiful person i had ever seen.

We started talking. Telling eachother about how life was treating us, what had been happening lately. She was talking and i was staring. Staring at her deep brown eyes, her delicate nose and her brown locks, dancing around as the wind blew them. Everything felt in favour. Time, His will and nature. I felt like I’ve been given another chance to rectify my mistake. To make her mine again.

3 years back i ruined the life of a goddess sitting before me. Letting her love go astray, making her cry almost everyother day, not paying attention to what my life had gifted me with, taking all her gestures for granted. I broke her heart in all the harsh ways i ever could. But within these years, i had been regretting enough to realise how much i wanted her back. How much i wanted to apologize.

She was glowing in happiness. Talking, giggling, smiling. She seemed so satisfied and my gut feeling said she felt the same way i did. That she too wanted me back and was thankful to this time. We had been sitting in the open with eachother for over two hours now.
Everything was perfect, she was perfect. For some reason, i felt i had her again.

It was about to rain, as the wind got heavier than usual. She always loved rain. I was waiting for her to say something about it when the wind swirled her hair onto her face,
“Oh God,” she said while using her left hand to move them aside and i saw it sparkle,
I saw the big,expensive ring on her finger sparkle.

Dwell’s in coffee

We all make mistakes right? I mean, it’s only what a sane person would do. Make mistakes and forget. But what happens when we surrender? When the mistake, provokes you to surrender.! I surrendered, to a mistake i call love.

A mistake unlike any other i had made before. It was like sipping on coffee. Black and intense. Burning my tongue as i took the first sip and jerked it away. It was Dark with subtle sweetness tempting me to take another.

It hogged onto my taste buds dissolving within every inch on my tongue, turning from bitter to sweet to irresistible.  And i let it, i let it explore every inch of my gut as it crawled down my throat. Warming me up as it travelled. Compelling me to carry on, to want more. Helplessly surrender to the last sip where it all merged.

Where it was all bad and all good at the same time. It was all wrong and right at the same time. It was all hate and all love at the same time.

Farewell Humanity.

Darkness seems to have prevailed a long time back, As the people are witnessed to have become prone to it.
The abandoned dark streets echoed by howls of despair and cries of hatred.

The mansions built huge, architecturally better than the other, covered in shadows of hasteful entities constantly feeding of humanity.

An auro of destress surrounded by an awful smell of hunger and greed, breathing under the heat from the fire of lust. The streets flowing with innocent human blood and sweat. The “creatures” residing craved only for more. More of what they had been bestowed with to feed their souls. The souls that gave out an odour of rotten flesh.

It was only clear that God had left these streets a long time ago.

Love’s Coffin.

There it was, the sound of the first thunder. Standing with my face towards the sky, feeling the wind kiss my soul. I was almost driven into a trance of disbelief when the first drop of rain splashed onto my cheek.

The goosebumps were unreal. It was everything but a rain drop, it was a gunshot tearing my soul, driving me into his flashbacks.

His deep brown eyes that i remember sparkled upon me as he combed his fingers into his soft looking hair. His smile that brightened my world inside out, and his arms, the warmth in itself. The feeling of security within them, the princess that took birth within me with every i love you.

There i stood, paralysed, with his gestures streaming before my eyes like a movie i had lived in previously.

” Where are you.!!”  Yelled the rain drop crawling down my face.