Unconditional Love.

His eyes, they felt so deep that night. Sitting opposite to him on the dinner table with candles lit in between, i watched him as he spoke. Drowning in his deep hazel eyes, watching his enticing lips touch as he subtly narrated his day at work. His fair skin, slightly grown mostache, perfectly gelled hair, his hands complementing all his gestures. His erotic scent pervaded the whole room. I was taken over by his charm. I surrendered.

We met over the most used technology in today’s time, the internet. We’d chat for hours regardless of the time. I’d be cursing my existence and he’d be making me feel alive. And when we met each other for the first time, he took me by surprise. Ever since then he’s been greedy, his greed was my smile.

Me? I was just more and more dissolved in the midst of the fog his affection created for me. Every time he’d carry me around in his arms, up close to his chest, his scent would diffuse within me and his warmth would feel like heaven. I felt blessed. Blessed enough to forget cursing myself.

After the dinner, he rang me up telling me he was walking on the bridge he proposed me on. Recalling each and every miracle that night had to offer,

He knelt and held my hand,
You are the most beautiful lady i have ever laid eyes on, no matter how deprived you feel, know that you are a blessing for me and i vow, right here to you, that i shall spend my entire life as your protector ,”

It teared me up. For the first time, i felt my existence.

“Babe,” he said escaping me from the flashbacks,
“If i were to die right now i’d want my last words to be I love You,”

Those were his last words, that was his last moment….

Being a paraplegic offers many challenges, this was the greatest of all. He left, but he taught me how to cherish my present and be thankful of my existence.
I realised ,despite being a wheel chair bound, i was unconditionally loved.


Is it a girl?

Recently, i got a chance to talk to a gyne specialist who was
fostering a 24 year old pregnant woman. After our intense
conversation i knew i had to write about it.

Rayhana got married to a 40 year old man at the age of 16 and
has had 3 abortions just because she was nursing a female
fetus in her womb. She got divorced when she got
diagnosed a baby girl the forth time. A shameful act.

Where ultrasounds are done for the ease of shopping, yet
there are families who get it done to know whether its a girl
or a boy, infact whether its a boy or an abortion.!

We claim to be modernized and enlighted enough to say no to
an abortion on the basis of the baby’s gender, but we havent
still learnt to accept them whole heartedly. Why so?

Do we not know what birth of a girl brings to our homes? A
reminder to all those who have bandaids upon their eyes, can
u not see what gender is able to behold the miracle of giving

From all that i have witnessed, girls give more love, and
attention to you. It is well agreed upon that girls, no
matter what family they get married in, have always found a
way to stand beside their parents when they needed a

Girls are always regarded as soft, kind, sympathetic
and humble creatures of God. What more can you say
about her when she is the one bestowed with the beauty of
becoming a mother and obtaining the highest degree in every
religion. She is who compromises all her life, for her family
from birth, for her husband after marriage, for her kids
after becoming a mother. How can you not accept her
loyality.? She, who carries weight for nine months during
which all her sins are being washed away and as she gives
birth, she is as pure as the baby she just delivered.

Why does our society frown upon the answer “yes” ? Why is a
good news turned into a bad one? Do we not know the goodwill
it beholds.? Or are we just hypnotised to take reverse steps
into the darkened past?