Demonic Soul

Watching her sleep was probably the best place to be in. Her face being ever so calm, like that of a child, asleep, drowned in a kaleidoscope, more of a dream. She was the most beautiful girl i had ever laid eyes on.

I doubt her being a porcelain doll if she wasnt given a soul. Rose pink cheeks , deep green eyes , lips curved into cupid’s bow.

Swifting my fingers through her hair i saw her slowly opening her eyes. Ever so excited to get her attention and Waiting for that ravishing face to turn towards me.

“Sweet heart,?” I said, to get her attention.


Someone looked at me, but it was not her. The eyes i would drown into felt unknown to me. The face i would never get tired of staring at was now frightening me.

I jerked my hand out of her hair, And stood up abruptly. She was staring at me. Constantly, without any gestures. Emotionless.

I watched her as she had her eyes stuck at my face. Those eyes frightened me, her face was ¬†pale , completely emotionless. It was almost the same as watching a dead body, but a dead body blinking and looking back at you. I didnt have the guts to go close to her, neither did i want to leave the room because i knew my love was in there. And i couldn’t leave her alone. Moments like these were when i got cold feet. But as time passed, i knew i needed her more than she needed me.

The eyes that stared right through my soul, questioning me of her existence. She let her hand out towards me. Her wrists were wounded with scars of blades. She wanted me to save her. And i,

I just didn’t know what to do.¬†