Era of Pakistani Cinema

The journey that has ended with a genre changing Apocalypse of  Pakistani movies was ever so entertaining. From their titles to their music, dialogs and the acting itself, the tenure of a certain picture’s fame has been exceptionally accepted.

Having said that, let us glance back at what our “lolly-wood” had served us with previously. An 84 kg ( or more) , heavy actress who knows how to use a Kalashnikov and ride a horse at a very high pace and can Run and dance at the same time ( the most hilarious moment) .

A tall, curly haired hero who holds his pride in his mustache, wears a cloth covering his legs( dhoti ) and carries a rod-like thick  stick with him every time.

And nonetheless, their names were as follows:

Badmaash Gujjar

Buddha Gujjar

Gujjar 303

Humayoun Gujjar

and so on… Our new movies can so not beat these names. :p



A deep reckless and tempestuous streak of a hero who calls upon the villain of the movie with a thunderous voice mostly to warn and command him to let go of his sister’s shawl (Dubatta) 

“how protective! :p)

A white haired helpless mother who whiel taking deep breath after every word of her sentence asks for pity for his son.


And, the ever so ” heavy” but pretty woman who plays the role of the heroin. Waiting for her lover while swinging in an antique garden swing put in front of the main door. Dancing around the hero in an utterly seductive manner   while he just stands there with an angry face holding his weapon.




With the most gibberish story carrying bloodshed and romance hand in hand, these movies are still being played and watched by a relatively low but cheerful crowd who want a good laugh. Although, new movies have taken over their fame, they still mark as an identity of ” Lollywood.”