Let us die rich..!

The belief of walking out of our lives with eyes shut forever lies within us encaged with fear. It is true, everyone of us fears the apocalypse. When the sky shall lower itself upon us and we shall find ourselves in the midst of stagnant fog and echoing cries.

We plan for everything, schedules for a better tomorrow, though we all ought to know that tomorrow is uncertain. So lets plan the uncertain tomorrow. It sounds crazy but it will be a whole lot better. How?

Take a deep breath and change the love you have for life into lust for life, it doesn’t have to cost a fortune. Rich is never the materialistic wealth. It is the smile you gather for the life of your soul. Having the ability to enjoy every moment of life is richness. Even the relatively unpleasant moments. We are all born rich- we just lose the knack along the way.

Go for a walk and feel humbled by the beauty that exists around you. Look at the sky, the nature, record the chirping in your ears and snap the beauty. Make friends , create the environment that allows you to be yourself. Feel the ability of being unconditionally accepted.

Revel in the glory that you are alive. And make sure you make the most of being alive.