Regards, Life

It is for you to know, you are important to me…

Just like facebook , i love to poke you.

Oh And Twitter, you would have realised by now how much i
love writing hence i keep feeding my tweets in your mind..

And most venerated Instagram, where i keep posting the
moments i clicked of you so you can recall them, oh come on
bad memories should also be recalled..

What? You want me to apologize?

Heck, if i was that sympathetic i wouldn’t be called life
would i

! . And besides you don’t realise my worth, then why shall i
be commiserating towards you.

Wake up slackers, my greed is knocking on your doors
again, the doors of your hearts and minds.

Did i ever mention i love playing games with you? I’m sure i

You nigga’s be cursing me? Oh well enjoy as i curse you. The
hatred i get from you, has created a lava within me, and so i
shall control you now.

Suicide? Oh please, you think you can escape me through that?
Do you not see the hatred is being back fired from me now.
All i wanted was you to bow down to me and accept me. I shall
have been supportive towards you. But you chose this

Just an advice, you might want to try and convince me back.
You never know i may surprise you.