Chauvinists? Chauvinists.

So? What is it?” She asked excitedly. Anxious to know about the blessing coming her way.
Taking a deep breath the doctor replied,
“….It is a boy.!”
Abort him.!” Not taking a second to think, the pregnant woman replied abruptly.

Recently, there has been a relative increase recorded in the number of male abortions. Birth of a boy is considered to be an ignominy for most families, hence, they always opt for an abortion without giving it a second thought. If you actually ponder upon the decision, it is probably the right thing to do. After all, it is extremely hard for a boy to survive in this society.

A society where, as the sun sets, is the start of a curfew for men. And why not, it is for their own good. They are only poor,  helpless beings, always looked upon as sexual objects. You can only imagine what may happen to them under the quilt of the night.

Although, saying they are completely safe at home is also wrong to another extent. It was only yesterday, when i read in the news that a man was set alive on fire. Why give birth to a soul who is possible to become a victim of domestic violence?

He gets followed by lascivious winks. No matter what he wears, how camouflaged he is, there will always be lust scanning him head to toe wherever he goes.

And If he gets raped, which is a major possibility, it is his fault. He is a boy, the gender itself is so intimidating. And to think about reporting it to an authority, completely pointless. The responsible departments have far better crimes to solve. After all, the rape was entirely his call. Why did he wear jeans and a t-shirt?

Wake up and think outside the box. The world would have  been a horrible place for men if this is what was happening to them. What about the women who are currently being framed and victimised. Are they in any better place?

Fear the time when mothers shall refuse to carry a boy in her womb. The time that will strike you with guilt and regret. It will make your ears bleed out the screams of the victimised. The regret will compell you to bite onto your own flesh.
Wake up. Before the time begins to spit out all the filth fed to it.