Salutes Sir…

What are we missing in this time of summer? What was a huge hipe last year?
Yes , you got that right.
The man who changed the language of romance for most relationships, made a remarkable number of followers and gave the hair dressers a challenge with his reckless hairstyle. The man none other than TAHIR SHAH.

Yes , he came up with a song last year around these dates which everyone was provoked to listen to and also where most people just rely over the audio, this man made them slacks search up his video .

It takes real guts to make such a song starring your own self. Thanks to you, guys with immensely long curly hair and loose abs can become models, at least for their own production, and it is because of him that the new name for stalking can be put as “eye to eye,”

Where boys ran out of adjectives for a girl’s eyes, Tahir Shah increased the number of words which could refer to a woman’s eyes for them. *adjectives*

hence, wrapping it up, Tahir Shah you sir has been a great help for a mass. Break though hairstyle introduction, using background music played in empty hotels as the music for your song, increasing vocabulary for “taru” boys and yes, not to forget, a hope for the fat mass to not care about their weight at all.

We as a nation, Thank You.