Emotional death.

There are those days, that occur quite often, when the known seems unfamiliar and the stranger feels unworldly. When there is that feeling of suffocation amid the constantly changing atmosphere. When thunderstorms and droughts flip over lapse and Right before your eyes, things melt with ice and freeze with fire. Stranger things just keep happening.

But you have nowhere to run because even you start to doubt your existence time and time again. The desk in your office doesn’t welcome you like it did when you first arrived, the friends you laughed with around the coffee machine seem strangers every passing day. The tea you depended your mornings on gets colder as you stare at it cluelessly.
The days when u don’t even know what you are thinking about while your tea sits on your table waiting to be sipped on. And that woman, the lady you vowed to stand by through thick and thin sleeps facing your back desperate to hear you chatter your day’s details. She snugs in her side of the bed hoping a miracle would make it feel like the day she first snugged in it. The thought that drops a tear on the pillow which soaks it up every night.

And you curse no one but time. The burdens brought in by time and age. What you don’t see is the test it beholds. These are those days that demand your attention towards the things you took for granted. Just a little attention, and before you know it, all the places, the things, the relations, they crawl back to you like they had never left.
Own the days for reluctance can drown you in the depths of despair from which there is no coming back.


Regards, Life

It is for you to know, you are important to me…

Just like facebook , i love to poke you.

Oh And Twitter, you would have realised by now how much i
love writing hence i keep feeding my tweets in your mind..

And most venerated Instagram, where i keep posting the
moments i clicked of you so you can recall them, oh come on
bad memories should also be recalled..

What? You want me to apologize?

Heck, if i was that sympathetic i wouldn’t be called life
would i

! . And besides you don’t realise my worth, then why shall i
be commiserating towards you.

Wake up slackers, my greed is knocking on your doors
again, the doors of your hearts and minds.

Did i ever mention i love playing games with you? I’m sure i

You nigga’s be cursing me? Oh well enjoy as i curse you. The
hatred i get from you, has created a lava within me, and so i
shall control you now.

Suicide? Oh please, you think you can escape me through that?
Do you not see the hatred is being back fired from me now.
All i wanted was you to bow down to me and accept me. I shall
have been supportive towards you. But you chose this

Just an advice, you might want to try and convince me back.
You never know i may surprise you.